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San Francisco: Dexter Cato vs Wells Fargo

March 27, 2012
Posted in: Home Defense

ACCE emails out in support of Dexter Cato and his fight to save his home from Wells Fargo. From the ACCE email:

Dexter Cato is a survivor. He lived through the workplace death of a co-worker and fellow union member. He endured the death of his wife from an accident in 2009. As a single father, he is fighting every day to provide opportunities for his four children even after being wrongfully foreclosed and evicted by Wells-Fargo. Now, as a survivor, he’s standing up to Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf and demanding the return of his home.

He isn’t the only one. Dexter is part of the San Francisco “Wells Fargo 8,” all of whom are fighting for fair modifications with principal reduction that will allow them to stay in their homes and contribute to their communities. As part of that fight, the Wells Fargo 8 and thousands of others will be going to the Wells Fargo shareholders meeting next month to demand justice from Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf.

Dexter has lived in the Bayview-Hunter’s Point community in San Francisco his whole life and has watched the foreclosure crisis devastate his neighborhood. While mourning his wife’s death and struggling with only one income, he worked to get a loan modification. Instead, Wells Fargo gave him lost paperwork, contradictory answers, or simply ignored his phone calls altogether. And then they wrongfully foreclosed, evicting Dexter and his four kids.

So last week, with the support of his neighbors, his longshoreman union brothers and sisters (ILWU Locals 6. 10 and 91), SEIU Local 1021 and a large group of supporters, he reoccupied his home and announced that if Wells Fargo comes, he won’t go. Standing in solidarity with him were Monica Kenney, an Excelsior homeowner to whom Wells Fargo offered a forbearance agreement and then sold her home the very next day. and Archbishop Franzo King, a Bayview community leader who was fraudulently qualified for an unaffordable pick-a-pay loan and is now fighting the sale of his home. They were also joined by the rest of the Wells Fargo 8: Maria Villareal, Donna and Nuno Vieira, Victor Granada, Ernesto Viscarpa, and Alberto Del Rio.

Dexter and the Wells Fargo 8 are standing up to John Stumpf. They are joining with thousands of others to directly confront him at the Wells Fargo annual shareholder’s meeting in April. There they will be delivering your signatures to one of the richest and most powerful Wall Street bankers in the country. Wells Fargo’s history as a leader in widespread and illegal predatory lending practices means it has a unique responsibility to lead the efforts to fix the housing crisis, rebuild the economy, and create opportunities to help us all achieve the American Dream. Click here to stand with Dexter and the Wells Fargo 8 as we demand John Stumpf live up to his responsibilities.

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