DC: Protect a Paramedic’s Home! Stop Chase!

After 23 years of saving lives as an EMT with the DC Fire Department, she suffered a career ending injury while on the job.

In 2007 Ms. Harris suffered a major back injury when a stretcher she was helping to lift was dropped on the opposite end. She had surgery five days later. While she tried to work again on a light duty schedule, her wages were reduced. Retirement became her only option.

During her recovery, she got behind on the mortgage for her small house in Southeast D.C. Her mortgage lender, JP Morgan Chase, moved quickly to foreclosure, auctioning off her home off in December 2009. Chase did not give her the opportunity to bring her mortgage current.  

Ms. Harris wanted to keep her home and requested a new loan with reasonable terms so she could remain there.

In 2011, Chase requested that Ms. Harris send in documents for a loan modification application. Ms. Harris sent in the requested documents, but was never given an answer from Chase. This spring, Freddie Mac went to court to request she be evicted.

Occupy Our Homes DC and other supporters of Deborah Harris demand that Freddie Mac desist in it’s efforts to evict her and that JP Morgan Chase give her a loan modification that will allow her to stay in her home.

Write to Chase & Freddie Mac